Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Movie Review: Hypnosis (Saimin) - 1999

J-Horror with creepy black haired women but no ghosts

IMDB "Hypnosis" is proof of the concept that a  Japanese horror movie can feature creepy black haired women in white dresses even when it doesn't feature any ghosts.

It deals with a series of bizarre suicides. An old detective believes there is more to them than just some people having been depressed, so he seeks help from a young psychologist and hypnosis expert. Together they investigate the case, which turns into a horrific nightmare threatening the lives of everyone.

As a horror film, "Hypnosis" is quite unique in that it tries to be more sciency instead of just piling up paranormal events. But it suffers a bit from sloppy writing. There are major loose ends in the story that don't get tied. Although it's helpful for a horror movie when some things remain unexplained, "Hypnosis" doesn't get away with that because it is a crime story. One minor detail though puzzled me most:.Why is the old cop constantly humiliating his female assistant detective? His disregard for her seems unmotivated, and it doesn't serve a purpose in the story.

Still, "Hypnosis" is a fairly entertaining and solid horror movie. It has creepy moments, and it is original in that it doesn't rely on the supernatural. Fans of J-horror want to check it out.

Rating: 6 out of 10 green monkeys.

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